I saw the ad for the $99 special and went on-line to order it, also I told them I needed the stairway cleaned also, they told me the price would be $173, so I emailed back and said what happened to the $99 special and they said it would be applied at time of service. When again I asked them to break the price down they said that 2rm plus stairs is $151 and the hallway was $22 and again I asked where the $99 special was and they said it would be applied at time of service. When time of service came there was no $99 special because I ordered an extra room but I was never told that before they came, if I knew a stairway was $74 I would have said no thanks they mislead me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanley Steemer Cleaning Service.

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Not misleading you have to ask what the $99 special is.


Bad for business to mislead the public!


WOW what a screwed up comp.


It’s and directly in the thing $99 special is for one room or where ever you live it could be different. But it’s normally one room you add extra rooms the $99 special doesn’t apply


I got a quote for 2 standard rooms of carpet cleaning for $250! No stairs, no hallway, nothing special. Nothing special except no $99 special!


Last time I used them for $99 special I placed online, ended paying $200. for tile and grout floor cleaning alone.

No carpet cleaning. Makes one to use coupons in US mail deliveries.


I will not be use Stanley Steemer....


I recently had Matt and Mikey from Stanley Steemer’s over to clean my carpets. I was very satisfied with their professionalism. They did such a great job thank you again

to Mary McElroy #1574073

What County do y live?


YES! It’s a ripoff I also went online, for 2 rooms, 12 stairs and a hallway I got a price of $309. So much for a $99 special.


So here’s a simple question,Does Stanley Steemer clean 3 rooms of carpet ( no deodorizer,no protection) for $99 and where ?


Good to know!


They need to be honest and upfront with charges!! Won’t use them.


Always call prior to ordering and ask questions. Ads are very misleading, so be sure to inquire to see exactly you get for the amount stated.


I agree wth this consumer. I went on line as well and was immediately switched to a local party supposedly affilated with Stanley Steemer. The local representative quoted me some outrageous rates and when I asked about the $99 special he said he was independent of it.You are right in being angry, it is a complete rip-off; they deceive the public; too bad.




Thank you...i was just about to order too. Glad you gave us a review because I hate to ripped off which seems to be the theme in Hampton roads!


Zerorez does the same thing! They say it’s $139.00 for several rooms and a free hallway but when I called they add on all sorts of extra fees!!! Whatever happened to telling the truth upfront?


Its kind of funny reading all the false advertising posts. I don’t work for Stanley Steamer or anyone in the industry.

Juat a customer who asks what is included and how the special works BEFORE I have the work done. I then decide if I want to proceed.

It’s not that hard people. Asking what the special pertains to this part of being an informed customer

to James M #1483198

If you read her post she asked more than once BEFORE the service about the $99 promotion and they kept telling her it would be applied at the end. She tried to be an informaed customer but in addition to the false advertising they lied to her face as well.

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