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I saw the ad for the $99 special and went on-line to order it, also I told them I needed the stairway cleaned also, they told me the price would be $173, so I emailed back and said what happened to the $99 special and they said it would be applied at time of service. When again I asked them to break the price down they said that 2rm plus stairs is $151 and the hallway was $22 and again I asked where the $99 special was and they said it would be applied at time of service. When time of service came there was no $99 special because I ordered an extra room but I was never told that before they came, if I knew a stairway was $74 I would have said no thanks they mislead me.

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i asked about the $99 special and they told me 2 rooms only and gave me size limitations and also said there was and additional surcharge of $10 for their gas since the truck runs while they clean. So i called another carpet cleaning service


It does say in fine print that hallways and stairwells are extra

to Shelby #1376338

so much extra that they cost as much as the orig full rooms . . .


I was an employee at stanley steemer and I must say the management and corporate is terrible they use us to get money and tell us to add on as much as possible if i had a choice to go back there or work at a fasr food restaurant i rather go to the fast food place Stanley steemer is one *** place to work for specially if they never tell us what they advertised


I had tenants leave place disaster and they had to come out several times job was not done well.Also the person that worked for them was NOT honest he ended up xo.ing and seeing things that were left that he wanted and stole our whole trailer.

A neighbor eye witnessed his truck pulling off with our trailer as he has a very explicit decal on it. I called they did nothing to help.

I mainly wanted my photo albums of my children back and other childhood mementos.They don't screen employees like they say.

Hurricane, Utah, United States #1342528

Yes they do lye about there services.99 dollar special then you get 3 rooms for 99.00 the next day.

Floors were so wet that we could not use our living room, the guy wanted to fan up higher so I went across the floor to get remote and when I hit the kitchen floor i did the splits and hurt my back.

I told the manager about this and he said they guy should have told me but he did not.So now I am going to chiro and they are getting the bill.

435-635-4821 you want to say anything call me your idiots

Fenton, Michigan, United States #1340359

that her own fault ,she should of told them. No Thanks and to leave


The old bait and switch game !!!

Lilburn, Georgia, United States #1339039

I agree with you.



I have lived in the Bronx NY, Floral Park NY, Conway SC, and now Myrtle Beach SC.In each location I tried to get the STANLEY STEEMER $99 special and every location I was emphatically told it is not available in my area.

At the last 2 locations I asked in what area do I have to live to get the special price. Both times I was told they didn't know and the special price is not available now.

I asked,even though it is being heavily advertised on tv right now?They just said it's not available now.

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