Two years ago, we had part of the house ripped out and rebuilt due to mold remediation. Although the HVAC units were off during this time, we thought it would be a good idea to get the ducts cleaned afterward so we could start fresh.

Stanley Steemer came out and amazed me with the short time (30 minutes) it took them to "clean" two units in a large house.

Fast forward two years, and we started having so much dust raining down in our house that we bought really expensive air filters, which didn't solve the problem. We called a local duct cleaner, who came out and worked for three hourse, charging us the same amount that Stanley Steemer did.

The ducts were packed with mold and fiberglass dust, indicating that Steemer didn't do a flipping thing. No wonder our allergies never improved after the remediation!

Review about: Stanley Steemer Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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coupon offered 50% off tech said coupon was a misprint and would not honor it


Stanley Steemer doesn't do air duct work in Texas....just an fyi

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