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I have two cats which they knew prior

To the stain on my floor from one of my cats do they knew of the cats which are indoor catsThe two man show up one starts getting all upset because I have the cats tells me he's allergic and starts getting a allergic attack which I immediately asked him what's wrong he said it was allergic to cats I said why would you be working for carpet company and going into peoples homes if you're allergic to cats people have pets dogs cats etc. that caused me some anxiety from the get and go the other guy came into my house with the steamer a long stainless steel steamer and where the steamer was at the base of it whetr it extracts the dirt was any mas amount of hair and caked up dirt on the top of the base of the steamer itself it was disgusting I asked the young man to take it out of the house and hose it down to essentially clean it off before he brought it into my house now I know my carpet is off-white this dirty disgusting steamer with hair and dirt on it was plopped onto my carpet to begin the process of cleaning my house really!

Are you kidding me then I wish that was the end of it but it's not I immediately called Stanley seamer to complain I have the concern of yhe young man in my house having an allergy attack plus the dirty steamer at South plopped onto my carpet caused great concern and anxiety for me the owner of the franchise in my area said that the gentleman has a mild allergy which that's not what it appeared to me and I told him about how dirty your equipment was and how it was entered into my house before being clean from the prior customers visit it was very upsetting to me then I had previously clean theatres carpet of mine which was a large area rug the last time that they had cleaned the rug had dried funny and became came out of shape so I have decided that when they were arriving that they could roll up the carpet and just put it on the curb instead they open up my door wall I have to loose house cats in the house and as I was telling them no no no !!!! it's my cats were approaching my door wall in fear that they would get out I told them shut the door as I was on the phone with the manager at the time I tripped over their hoses slammed my hand into the wall which immediately began to swell and it instantly bruised my hand the whole thing was a disaster after that is while they were cleaning my bathroom tile I alerted the man that I was hurt and I put an ice pack on my hand they made me sign a waiver either that they were going to leave and leave me with the half done job I signed the waiver at the same time as they're finishing the job they're in my bathroom and I hear a big bangnI asked the man if he slipped and fell he said no it was just the toilet seat falling down which I don't keep my toilet seat up because of the cats so I began to wonder they said their job was done everything was complete they couldn't run my credit card through I tried it twice they asked me to write a check which I was pretty upset about as well wrote the check and after they were putting the rug out to the curb that they had room prior to this visit I asked them are you guys all set and they said well not yet I thought they were going to come back in and move my furniture into place and put the Styrofoam stunts underneath my sofa and chair in the living room etc.

but that didn't happen at all they left my bed off to the side my end table was off to the side my desk was off to the side and they alsonledtnTV stand which is very heavy off to the side not in the proper place I had to push everything back myself I look to see if they were still in the parking lot. They were gone and now I see why they rushed off without completing the job to the details of putting my furniture back I went into the bathroom and started placing things back and I noticed a bagel gouge out of my wall in the bathroom which is when I asked the man if he had slipped and fell in my bathroom and he had lied to me and said the toilet seat had fallen but the truth of the matter was while he was extracting the water from my tile the stainless steel arm of the extractor slam back into my wall in the bathroom and put a hole in it but he lied to me and told me it was a toilet seat cover I mediately called the manager they said he was going to call me back I didn't hear from him a call back again and they said hold on while I I get him on the phone for you that was the second call that I had finally got a hold of him once was in my residence and the second time was after they had left first time he was very rude when even offer me a discount after the dirty sweeper that came in to my house after the guy having an asthma attack causing me a great deal of stress and my cats this is been 22 years I've been using Stanley steamer and will never ever ever recommend them or use them again the manager says he supposed to come out this Thursday which is the first week of August to assess the damages I told him I didn't mind signing the waiver after I tripped and fell on your equipment I did mine after the kid had the asthma attack at my house I overlooks the dirty sweeper with the hair all over it but I wasn't going to overlook the gouge in my bathroom mom I instructed him he needed to fix it and he needed to send a painter out to repaint my whole entire bathroom I explained how I had just painted the bathroom three months ago I'm extremely upset and will never ever ever use Stanley steamer again they cost me a great deal of stress

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanley Steemer Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1197074

Dang, your crack is working overtime. in between your down time.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1195887

Its called a "wand" not a steamer

West Richland, Washington, United States #1194285

You seriously have issues.

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