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Update by user Nov 19

Stanley Steemer paid for a portion of our vet bills. Nothing can ever bring our sweet boy Ralphie back, so there is truly no way to ever be satisfied, but at lease some of our financial burden has been alleviated.

Original review posted by user Sep 13

On August 27th, Stanley Steemer come to our home to clean the carpet in our basement. They were 20 minutes early and we didn't have time to get the cats out of the way. We told them very clearly - be careful with the cats. They started the job immediately, obviously they were in a rush. They started moving furniture and shortly after, we saw our 14-year old cat Ralphie run upstairs under a bed. /the carpet cleaners finished the job, and left. They didn't say a word to us about the cat or anything else. The cat was still under the bed a couple hours later, and we went to get him. That's when we noticed he had a badly broken foot with bones sticking out of the skin.

We rushed him to the vet, and they confirmed he had an open compound fracture of the foot, and that the injuries were consistent with something like furniture being moved on top of it. Not from jumping up or down on something, or stubbing his foot. He had surgery to repair it and is now having major complications from the medications and anesthesia. Ralphie may not survive.

As anyone who has been to an emergency vet can attest, they are not cheap. An overnight stay, fracture repair and supportive care was around $3,000, and we have to take him back once a week for about 8 weeks, each visit in the neighborhood of $100. But, as I mentioned above, Ralphie is having complications. He's has dangerous gastrointestinal issues as a result of the anesthesia and pain medications, and is vomiting blood and unable to eat. He's lost over a pound in just 1 week. So not only are we out $3,000, we are possibly going to lose our cat.

Stanley Steemer has denied liability and only offered a $130 refund for the carpet cleaning. The manager at the location on 20th street was rude and dismissive. The customer service agent has his hands tied, and can only offer the refund. Their insurance adjuster told me "it's your word against the crew, and since I work for Stanley Steemer, I have to take their word over yours", so he informed me they will be denying our claim.

Stanely Steemer was grossly negligent. Ralphie's foot was crushed by the crew at Stanley Steemer when they moved the couch. Worse, they did not tell us they saw our cat run from under the couch. In fact, they told us they never saw the cat, but told the adjuster something different. Stanley Steemer has no policy in place for what to do with your pets before they arrive. They are not being held accountable for injuring our cat, and the have no intention of doing anything to try and make this right.

Our sweet Ralphie is 14 years old and has a serious heart problem called HCM. He was never supposed to live past 5 years old, but he beat the odds. We were told he could never have anesthesia because of his heart, yet we had no choice, and he survived. I certainly hope he hasn't used up his 9 lives, as he is a beloved part of our family, who sits at the dinner table with us, and gets Christmas presents under the tree.

Please keep our sweet boy in your thoughts, and think twice before using Stanley Steemer.

Emma Federico-Chapman

Reason of review: Negligent.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Pay our vet bills!.

I didn't like: Severely injured my cat.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Sep 13.
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The cat is your responsibility. I have used Stanley Steemer, they are very qualified and careful. You should have removed all animals prior to the start.

to gbert #1572360

The cat died from his injuries, so thanks for your super helpful comment. The crew was told there was a cat in the house that we didn’t have a chance to get secured, before they entered the house.

They entered anyway, they were 20 minutes early and totally took my elderly parents off guard. Also they saw the injured cat and didn’t tell us.

We are out our cat and $7,800. Thanks again for showing empathy in a family’s tragic situation.

to In loving memory of our Ralphie #1574615

So let me get this straight, you pretty much waited until the last minute to secure your beloved pets? What were you going to do, wait until they rang the bell and then gathered them up had the showed up at the appointed time?

Yeah, you're getting where I'm going with this. This is on you for not taking care of your business.

to Anonymous #1598883

Clearly this IS the jerk who dropped the couch on your poor animal. Irresponsible.

Callous. Indifferent to suffering. Got to say it also highlights a lack of quality home training, a moral compass, or any once of what might pass as ethical awareness. I bet this is the sort of person that trips small children & the elderly, then laughs and pats themselves on the back for it.

This person enjoys the satisfaction of another’s heartbreak. They are an *** A bully. Karma will catch up to them. Meanwhile, I’m sorry for your loss and I hope that Stanley Steamer does something about it.

Try filing on the BBB as well. I would also see if you could pursue it through Stanley Steamer corporate as it could be a corporate location vs a chain — either way, they DO have standards they are required to satisfy. Is there a consumer news reporter who might be available for your area where you could bring negative attention to this branch? In some cities, there are very active reporters who look into stories about such things— maybe the newspaper— though I would think a spot on the news would carry more impact.

Know you ARE making a difference. That by posting your story, your Ralphie’s story, you are reaching other people who are now aware of this as a danger.

Maybe— as some small consolation— you’ll be able to get some satisfaction out of the possibility of saving another animal lover from enduring the pain you’ve been through— as that seems to be the glimmer of light I see from your cautionary tale. I am really sorry that this happened to you and to your cat.

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