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Update by user Apr 10, 2012

In follow up, A much better day! Contact was made to the Manager of Stanley Steemer and they came back out to the house with an experienced crew and recleaned the carpet free of charge.

What a difference, Technique was professional, very competent and professional crew. An my carpet looks really great once again! No more gray traffic areas! Gotta say this crew did it right!

Thank you Stanley Steemer! Stanley Steemer trained crews are an asset take care of them and make sure all crews are trained well!

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2012

I have used Stanley Steamer for many years as I have allergies really bad and just got out of the hospital and needed to have my carpets cleaned right away. The scheduling was great no problems and they were prompt.

Now my carpet and pad is not very old about 4 years old and it is a high quality Stain Master carpet and I do have the high quality pet pad. I do have pets in my home and only two adults living here. It has been about a year since the carpet has been cleaned. After it was cleaned the last time I noted some stains that showed up as the carpet dried.

I noted it then and took care of it myself and chose not to pursue it any further as for the most part I was somewhat satisfied. Now this cleaning was a totally different story! I have always taken a white towel after the cleanings and it usually came back clean! Not this time, came back dark gray!

Not cool, I noted areas that were not even cleaned also, and areas that were soaked again not cool, my entry area is tiled and was dry and clean before they came and when they left I found it with puddles of water, grass and mud again not cool! Furniture and walls were bumped during the process. I attempted to talk to the staff and noted to her after the last cleaning that the spots showed back up and wanted to make sure that did not happen again. I was told that happens with old carpet!

Old Carpet ! I noted that I did not have old worn out carpet! It was apparent that the staff did not know too much about carpet cleaning, and was only spealing back what they had been told! I attempted to call the number but no one in the office till Monday!

Stanley your slipping! Number one staff needs to be competent and know what they are doing. Don't tell your customer that she is just going to have to live with it, it's old in reference to gray traffic areas! What happened to pre treatment?

I never had a mess like this from this company, what's the deal! Steer clear, can't get anyone to talk to me and it's Monday!

Review about: Stanley Steemer Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $102.

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