I had my carpets cleaned a few days ago with the impression that I was to receive the special of $99.00 for 2 rooms and was told when I ordered online that pricing would be calculated on the day of service. Fine- got that.

What I was NOT told was that you could ONLY do 2 rooms and if you did more, you would not get the special and it all would revert back to regular pricing. The advertising is extremely misleading as if I had known that, I would have gone elsewhere. Wouldn't you think that the company would honor the special for the 2 rooms and then add on any additional costs for other areas cleaned? I also noticed the stairs did not look as clean as they normally do and the tech stated he had already raked it a few times - well rake it again until it is the way I want it as this is a really expensive service.

He also almost forgot to clean the entry way until right before I was about to pay, Oh yeah - oops....I paid for deodorizing which in and of itself is pricy but ok, worth it if you can actually smell it when the techs leave. I could barely detect that it had been done.

Just not pleased at all with this visit. I am a repeat customer and obviously have been satisfied in the past but I will think twice before coming back.

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Iv used them for years and all the workers were great. Two months ago I did my bedroom and as always trusted them.

Well never again. They stole from me. Watch who comes in your house.

Follow them. Don’t trust them.


Also take in account that they are using truck mount system, which is always using the same supposed filtered water, and they don't prespot well enough that the stains when dried can come back! If you hire a smaller company they usually will have a professional portable unit!

Always using clean water, and they may be a bit pricier but well worth the results!

I speak on behalf of my experience! A very happy Customer of Ginas cleaning services located in Middlesex county , but goes to Monmouth, ocean and Essex #732- 494 7075 which is also the phone # of her family owned vacuum store located in Metuchen, n


to Anonymous #1520788

A "professional portable unit" might be the most laugh worthy comment I have a ever read. Keep on on being an idiot.


i currently work for Stanley steemer. I cleaned carpet for 11 years and I am now a manager.

2 rooms for 99 is not a special its the daily price. and as for your stairs... every time you get your carpets cleaned it will look a little worse than the year before. this is the breakdown of carpet fibers.

unless you get the carpets protected it will breakdown pretty fast.

and for the deo..... it is not meant for you to smell the product, it is a live inzime that kills the bacteria in the carpet.

to Anonymous #1509388


Paterson, New Jersey, United States #783517

Hi,I would like to clear something on that special. First, I used to work for stanley steemer and for experience I can tell you that no matter how many rooms you get, the technician is supposed to discount 33 dollars of the final bill to make the price of the special.

Many managers and training personal of stanley steemer do not teach the tech how to use the computer they have on hands. Therefore this kind of incidents happen.

All complains are fallowed and resolved within 10 days after of being archived.

And just remember, not every employee is dedicated and/or cares about their customers even though that's what the company aims for.

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