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Stanley Steemer came out and cleaned my mom's carpets. The carpets looked great when they were wet. The crew left and guess what happened after the carpets dried? Gum spots reappeared within one week. And, eight weeks later ... Several big brown spots appeared. The company will not come out and retreat the carpet, because I did not call back within a week or 10 days. Their customer service is terrible. Don't ever use Stanley Steemer. ... Read more

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Stanley Steemer of Marlboro, MA cleaned carpets on the first floor of my home for $597 (much more than anticipated). They also flooded my house with so much carbon monoxide that I have to vacate for over 2 hours while the Fire Department brought in industrial fans to clear the poison. The firefighters had to wear protective gear to enter unavoidably re-soiling my wet carpets. If my alarm had failed, I would be dead. Stanley Steemer's response?... Read more

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Used the company for "special" three room carpet cleaning special" and cleaning of leather furniture. These were on the original quote of $345 for both. I added protection for 1 of the rooms and asked them to clean to area rugs. Final bill = $982.65 presented while on phone with client. Called to complain and basically...hate it for you. Their excuse for charging $140/each to clean 14 x 20 rugs was the square footage; however, the square... Read more

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The worst company...they dont even show up. I had an appointment between 11 and 2. They called me at 1:59 said they were running late a crew would be out in 20 minutes. An hour later still no show. I called them " I thought they were out there". Crew called me said they were almost there..never showed....bad dont blow off a paying customer..I guess they dont need my money

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They came and were doing a neighbor's house i have no idea what they were cleaning. They came blocked the entire driveway with their van and equipment which might inadd was right next to my sick babies window. I went outside to ask them to move closer to the house they were servicing and they said they cant. Then he said you can call one if you want my names brandon and my truck is 561.

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They were here Thursday night and I didn't think my carpet was clean because of a funky odor that lingered. Also the carpet was saturated when they left. Why would steam cleaning leave the carpet so wet so Saturday morning I decided to go it again myself with a machine I purchased for $150 they charged me the same for one room. See picture for my results. What a rip off. Read more

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Hi; My wife and I called this company for a carpet cleaning last month. immediately after the service people left, my wife noticed that several of her expensive bracelets and jewelry were missing. I too noted that I had some expensive glasses frames that were in my drawer removed from the boxes. We at first thought we had misplaced these items and turned the whole house over in order to make sure. No, the service people has apparently stole... Read more

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The $99 special is a joke I just had them out and it cost me $150 I will not be using Stanley steamer ever again

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Purchased 3 cleanings for a huge amount of money!! Each time we call they say we've got no cleaning left!! Price today was $500 AFTER using one of the contract cleanings. ALSO- lied about water disposal. One said it was "a law" that they put it in the toilet, other said they would put it on the lawn. They advertise one thing & charge you for twenty others! Stain guard, deodorizer, anything they can sell you! After our contract runs out we will... Read more

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there seevice really sucks the 2 young guys they sent out had no idea what the *** they were doing and did an awgul job with the carpet and i wouldn't recommend theh do your dog house. they're service has really gone down . andi will never use them again.... a un -happy customer

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