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I asked them to simply clean my bathroom tile in both my tub and floor. Terrible job. My tub was still exactly the same when they left as when they arrived. The price quoted to me over the phone was worlds apart from when they got here. I spoke to the Manager and he did honor the quoted price. They steamed the ceiling by mistake and left a big mark that was just horrible. The water went through my floor register into my dining room, ruining my... Read more

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Just rented a cleaner to clean my carpets after Stanley Steemer left them filthy. Maybe they are re-using dirty water

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Bought a new house, planned to have the carpets cleaned on both levels. Paid over $500 for cleaning. 3 days later, the bottom of my white socks look like I walked outside in them. Called corporate number, they rescheduled another cleaning. Sent the same guy after I asked them not to. He complained the whole time, letting me know that "he works hard" and "has cleaned over 22,000 homes in his career", etc. Needless to say, the carpets are still... Read more

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called to receive estimate for tile and grout cleaning in bathroom. Was quoted a price for an area of 300sq ft. Was told that applying a color to the grout and a sealer was included in the price. This was confirmed when we called to schedule. When the workmen arrived they said it would be another $140. We called the supervisor who was not in and never returned the call the following day. Another supervisor told us the operator who quoted... Read more

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Workers came late, upped the charges, asked to allow the effluent to go down our toilet (rather than the truck's holding tank) and walked off the job when I didn't agree. No customer service to resolve. The scheduler said she could not extend the job to the next time slot as it was already scheduled. The supervisor gave the worker his choice to continue the work or leave. He chose to leave. Bad company procedures and absolutely no attention to... Read more

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I was told my main area that they came for would be $140. I then added a $30, $30, $40 and $10. When the tech said it came to $400 because of shingles pain, I could not do the math in my head, so I signed the bill. When my husband questioned the total, I wrote it out on paper and saw it came to $250. I spoke to the tech by phone who said he would get $150 credit. Now the supervisor calls and says the bill stands. I guess if you don't feel good... Read more

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The first time i used stanley steamer they made my carpets look like new! I was so pleased so I contacted them again ans this time I added my sofa and love seat to the bill...but my 2nd time around wasn't so great. I must have been the last house of the day, they rushed through and I saw no difference in my carpets and my couches were still very wet. I called and complained. The area manager contacted me and rather than give the refund I... Read more

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My appointment with Stanley Steemer was scheduled from 9-1 on a Saturday morning. I expected during that time frame that they would take the time to make sure that my carpet was deep cleaned. The first thing they tell me is that they will not be able to get all the spots cleaned out of my carpet and have me sign some kind of declaration to this effect releasing them of any liability. They said that they would have to use a hotter steam in order... Read more

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They stole my remote to my tv and I am pissed off right now Read more

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I filled out the order on-line for standard cleaning of 3 areas and a hallway. Cleaning ONLY, I did not request carpet protection on anything. My quote was $166.00. After the cleaning I was charged $288.00! They charged me more then the quote for the standard cleaning, as well as adding on the scotch guard protection on 3 areas. I called yesterday to complain, was told someone would get back to me, and have yet to hear back. The cleaning itself... Read more

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